just got a crf230 need help making it a flat tracker

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just got a crf230 need help making it a flat tracker

neil foreman
Hi folks, just got me a crf230  to race. I'm  on a real tight budget but I work as a tech at humboldt motors ports so I have access to machining equipment.   I was gonna keep the stock rims and put the shinko  trial tires on that I saw other folks with. Maybe make a lowering bracket for the right foot peg . Whats the easiest way to convert the front forks and  modify the rear? I'm hoping to do the Fortuna round August 7th. I've already raced Bartows klx 140s a few times. Like I said , I'm on a super tight  budget. Thanks
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Re: just got a crf230 need help making it a flat tracker

Hi Neil,
Congrats on your 230. They make excellent short track bikes. Here is the "cook book" for a solid, low-budget setup.

19" front wheel.
-This will be the most expensive part. Look for the front wheel off of a CRF150f or an NX250. Ebay is your friend here. Either one will bolt right on with no modifications. Run the Shinko trials tire.

Rear wheel. Stock. Again, Shinko trials tire.

Forks. Unless you are very light, you will want to stiffen the forks a bit. The BBR fork springs aren't too expensive and work pretty well. If you are under 200 lbs then only use one spring (split a set with a buddy and share the cost?). Then weld up one of the orifices in the fork. preload spacers as needed and slightly heavier fork oil. Raise the tubes up in the triple clamps to get the bike a bit more even front to back. This will put you in the right ball park and can be done for very minimal cost.
There's not much need to swap forks on these bikes for flat track. (no jumps!)

Shock. Just crank down on the preload.

Jetting. Get the Honda power up kit if it is not already installed. Some find that their bike runs a little better with the next step smaller main than the one in the kit. You'll have to experiment with this. Remove the intake and exhaust restrictors if not already done.

That's it!
If you really want to drop the peg on the right side then you will have to start fabricating parts. Not terribly difficult but also not really necessary.

Have fun!

Mike Mannion #155G
CRF230F Flat Track Racer